Drape Fit vs Online shopping or in a stroe shopping

How the concept of Drape Fit is different than online shopping or shopping in a retail store?

The concept of personal styling service is different than the online shopping website or store shopping. The Drape Fit styling is just not curated a FIT Box for you. It is more than that. As it is a customized FIT Box which is ideally selected by the top professional personal stylists to match your style with the latest fashion styles and trends.

The Drape Fit stylist handpicks the best styles and designs as per the individual preference, shape, size, budget, and personality.

The Drape Fit not only provides you the best outfit but also helps in making your confident individual identity in your social circle.

We at Drape Fit offers the styling services as:

  • For Men's including professional wear, casual wear, big and tall wear.
  • For Women including maternity plus, petite, women jeans wear
  • For Kids

Therefore, the Drape Fit offers you the perfect styling for your whole family to look stylish all the time either to make a mark on any family or professional gathering.

Drape Fit is your Personal shopper . Drape Fit makes your shopping experience quite pleasing and easy for you. Like other online retailers, it spares your trip to the retail store by only delivery things legitimately to your doorstep. Our Stylists likewise save you the time and inconvenience of choosing the perfect outfits and accessories. A significant number of our customers appreciate the simplicity and accommodation of consequently scheduled shipments that land at a recurrence based on their personal preference.

At the Drape Fit, your changing area is your home. We advise you to try at everything on from the solace of your home and perceive how things work with what's as of now in your wardrobe. Therefore, Returns are quite simple. Place the things you're returning into the prepaid mailing envelope and drop it into any USPS letter drop box. Thus, shipping is free both ways.