FAQ About Stylists

Want to know more about our Drape Fit Stylist?

Our Stylists share the same zeal for fashion like you. They love to share their expertise to help you to put your best look forward. Clothes are essential, but our Stylists understand your requirements and desires, which make you feel best so that you can be your best. They love to introduce new styles and trends, and ensemble the best pieces to make you look good. Their experience and your enthusiasm for fashion is what Drape Fit creates.

Want to try new Stylist?

It is entirely up to your wish whether you want to stick to one Stylist, who understands all your requirements, or you want to try new Stylist. Do inform us through email or call if you wish to have the same Stylist every time, we ‘ll confirm the availability.

How to find out about your Personalized Stylist?

The FIT Box contains a Personalized note from the Stylist, who selected all the items to complete your look. You can see the name of your Stylist in the note.

How to contact the Stylist?

Before your shipment arrives, you can leave a message for your Stylist for any query, request, or guidance. You can also contact the Stylist with your feedback. Our expert Stylists love to hear from their clients.

Why Stylist is needed?

Stylist opens a new world of personal fashion for you. They go above and beyond your expectations to bring a big smile on your face. With their experience, they inform you about the latest trends, provides the option to try new things, look after each of your needs and works dedicatedly to save your time and efforts.