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How To Host Virtual Baby or Bridal Shower

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The Distance cannot cancel the celebrations.

Pre-wedding celebrations and baby showers are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. You would always wish to share your happiness with your loved ones and get their blessings on your new life’s initial steps. Virtual celebrations are an excellent way out in this period when you are separated from your loved ones. Go to this excellent guide to host a memorable bridal or baby shower celebration virtually.

How to plan a virtual baby or bridal shower?

Whether you are planning for a bride or mother-to-be, follow these quick steps to make the virtual celebration more lively:

1. Choose a suitable digital platform: You have various digital platforms like zoom, Google Duo , hangouts, Skype, etc. for hosting a virtual celebration. But go for the one that is suitable for all the guests. You can also run a test before actually hosting the bridal or baby shower on the platform.

2. Digital invitations: A virtual invitation through social media or mail is the best way to invite your guests. Make sure that the virtual invitations are accompanied by:

  • a. A guide to entering the virtual celebration on the pre-decided digital platform and links for the same
  • b. Dress-code and themes for the bridal or baby shower
  • C. For Bride To Be or Mother To Be Surprise Gifts You can ask your Drape Fit Stylist for A Perfect Fit Box with 5-6 Looks with new styles Shipped into their address or You can email them Drape Fit Style Gift card so Bride to be can do their Wedding Styling or Mom to be get best maternity style by their own Drape Fit Stylists.

Planning a virtual wedding/bridal shower

1.Make everything look festive

Deliver gift packages to the bride-to-be with her dress for the day along with decoration stuff. Choose the decorations that the bride can quickly put up around her and make them visible through the web camera. Asking the guests to decorate their place is also a good idea. Sending them some cue boards viz. “Bridesmaid-to-be,” “Mother-in-law-to-be,” etc. can make the event livelier.

2. Welcome your guests warmly

Decide a welcome theme for the guests where pleasant music accompanies some live speech expressing the happiness of their arrival on this special occasion. Give them a chance to show their love through the chatbox. Also, note that you should explain to them the use of chatbox beforehand.

3. Shower best wishes on the couple

Plan surprise visits of some special guests like a known celebrity in the area to wish the couple a better future. Distribute some easy cocktail and mocktail recipes among the guests to prepare at their home and enjoy with the bride on this virtual celebration. You can also decide unique attires or themes for the guests’ dress-ups to add more fun to the party.

4. No food, no celebration

Any celebration is incomplete without good food. You can deliver surprise sweets and cakes to the bride-to-be. Further, you can also order her favorite dish to make it more enjoyable for the bride. Distribute some unique food recipes for the guests too.

5. Keep the audience engaged throughout the shower

Planning some games that involve all the guests is the best way to make the virtual shower joyful. Some of the best games are bingo, guess the person, Pictionary, Puzzles, etc. For the games that require a hard copy, mail the same in advance so that the guests can get them printed. A lucky draw with exciting surprises also adds to the fun and excitement of the guests.

Plan a virtual baby shower

1. Decide the theme

Themes make a virtual shower more realistic. Choose a theme based on color, patterns, animals, or mix and match different elements to design your unique idea. Customize the dress up for mom-to-be accordingly. Some of the digital video platforms provide customizable backgrounds. You can make them available for your guests too.

2. Make everything hustle-free for parents

Gift the parents of honor their outfits along with the eatables and mocktails before the shower. They should not be tensed for the arrangements at any point in time.

3. Gift opening sessions

Baby shower gifts are a matter of excitement for everyone. Schedule a session where the parents can open up the gifts and show it to everyone adding on to their enthusiasm. Ensure that the gifts reach the parents on time. A Drape Fit Maternity Fit Box will be a perfect gift for Mom To be will be full of styles and perfect for a Baby shower .

4. Record the memories

Do not forget to tap the record option so that the parents can relive these beautiful moments later too.

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