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Stylist Tips on Organize and Style your closet

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Let us be really honest. Organising your wardrobe and styling it can be a really stressful affair. No matter how much you own, you might be fumbling for clothes to wear on certain occasions and disappointing yourself. Therefore, you might need to revisit your wardrobe every now and then to find out the clothes that you have stowed in the back of the drawers or shelves and search for things you could have worn.

You might have spent a number of years without ever giving a thought about arranging your closet. This has clearly been the impediment which has led to you being styled effortlessly most of the time. This might have caused a lot of fashion faux pas at places you did not intend to. Hence you need to get straight down to closet organisation.

Importance of styling your closet :

Decluttering your closet is the most important reason for which you need to do your closet organisation right. You might be the one person who has a closet bursting with clothes you haven’t worn in decades to those which you bought on impulse. It could also be a while since you have sorted your closet and you might be wondering why you invested money in a few pieces of clothing since you never really wear them and search frantically for things to wear when you need.

But there are more important reasons for closet organisation. A messy wardrobe could be the one hurdle that is keeping you from becoming the most stylish version of yourself. You are prone to making more fashion debacles now than ever, with your closet teeming with items that you do not really approve of.

Having a refreshed closet can be one of the most rewarding things to have. You will have to deal with less clutter and will have enough room for the clothes that you actually want to wear.

Closet styling tips :

Our experts and fashion stylists will provide you with the necessary hacks that will help you style your closet with the utmost effectiveness. Let us dive right away into less cluttered living with a clean and sorted wardrobe.

  • Go for a big clothing purge : The best way to do this is to go to every item in your closet and sort them to different categories. These could be : Donate, Sell, Maybe and Customise. Start adding garments and accessories to these piles. Often, it is natural that you might stumble upon some gem of an attire or accessory which you had completely forgotten about since it was buried deep inside your messy closet.
  • Start editing your wardrobe : Once you are done with categorising your clothes and stuff, now it is time to start customising your closet. First in-last out is a very good policy which keeps you from wearing the same clothes over and over again. Going one-on-one with the clothes you are buying will allow you to wear your clothes at least once and allow you to get rid of clothes which are out of fit or have worn out. You can also follow the rainbow; a particular style hack which governs you what color you would wear each day of the week.
  • Make some money with the closet pieces you do not need anymore : Use an online platform or a consignment shop to sell your unwanted garments or accessories and make some money out of it. Since you are not in need of those items, you might start finding people who are actually in need of those. You might also consider donating these items through some charitable organization as a part of your goodwill endeavours.
  • Organise your closet : You might have already formed an idea about organisation while you have been editing your closet. You can sort your wardrobe by color as well as by garment type. Keep the dresses with the dresses and the shirts with the shirts. Improvise and inculcate newer ideas to be on top with your closet organisation. You need to store the crisp items in the right way so that they don’t get wrinkled. Also, keep the knitwear folded and flat.
  • Invest in the right equipment : Invest in attaching hooks, bins and functional baskets to amplify your storage space. You can also find a lot of use for extendable bars and rods. Keep the flowing garments hanging while the others folded and packed in those shelves. You can also use the attaching hooks to hang oversized accessories like bags and hats. Find the right use for each kind of equipment and use them to maximize space in your closet and clear the clutter effectively.
  • Separate your seasonal wear : One of the most important hacks to keep your closet styled is to separate the seasonal wear. If wardrobe space is an issue, divide your garments and accessories broadly into summer and winter stuff and store them accordingly. This will come in extremely handy while you plan your ensembles and the things tk wear.
  • Store your shoes properly : If the number of shoes that you are putting in the boxes become a lot, then you can help your organisation by taping the colour or type of the shoes on top of the boxes. Boxes will prevent the shoes from accumulating dust and also help them to breathe.
  • Take care of the expensive items : You must be careful about that but we still need to remind you to take care of those items on which you have invested quite a fortune. You want to show them off at times and do not want them to wear out or be in a dilapidated state. Therefore, take special care and avoid deformation of such expensive clothing and accessories.

Follow these simple hacks and be on top of your closet organisation. Styling your closet could be a way to styling yourself effortlessly.

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