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5 ways to wear a white Oxford shirt

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Fashionable, classy, elegant and essential- all these objectives can be applied to a single piece of attire which adorns almost every man’s wardrobe. Yes, we are talking about the Oxford shirt. The tasteful design is a timeless classic and can go with virtually anything. A white Oxford has the potential to rock every look you don. It is a versatile piece of your wardrobe that can be fitting for almost any occasion.

Tips to wear a white Oxford in style :

Learn new and exciting ways to add the white Oxford in your daily mix.

How to wear an Oxford shirt with a blazer :

This is an interesting combo and could get you the professional, big-date or business casual look without much effort. You can dress up your white Oxfords with your favorite blazer and chinos. Choose complementary colors to create an exciting look or identical colors to create a symmetrical and seamless look. Leave your white Oxford untucked when you are looking to up the ante at a casual date or a social gathering.

How to wear an Oxford shirt with jeans :

This look has the prospect of creating a huge impact and turning a few heads. You can layer your white Oxford over a striped T-shirt. This will disperse the solid colors and create enough warmth to keep you cosy in the occasional breezy Spring evenings. Go out for a date with your lady after work or celebrate a colleague’s farewell party in this uber-relaxed look.

How to wear an Oxford shirt with a jean jacket :

The jean jacket gives out a forever-cool vibe and you can channelise it perfectly well with a white Oxford. Just keep it untucked and leave a few buttons open at the top. A pair of linen trousers and a brightly colored pair of sneakers could make this look an immediate hit!

How to wear an Oxford shirt with shorts :

You can channelise your inner preppy or Ivy League look with this combo. Go for a pair of shorts and a light knit sweater, preferably in the same bright color family. Keep the collars of your white Oxford out and make your look squeaky clean by adding leather shoes. This collegiate theme works the best to bring your inner nerd out.

How to wear an Oxford shirt with swimming trunks :

This can be quite an offbeat look and you need to be super confident to be on top of your game with this. A white Oxford works quite well and can replace any casual T-shirt for this vacation or pool-party look. Be careful to add the sneakers which you can trust in your water escapades. Give out major beach vibes without letting your look drop to crass.

We hope that you’ve already realised just how much oomph a white Oxford can add to your daily grind, without compromising on the air of class that you carry around. At Drapefit.com, there is a stylist to accentuate your every look to the best fit. Get yours now without much ado and keep rocking in style.

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