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How Should it Fit

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Searching for apparel that fits you perfectly is an overwhelming task. Various factors define a perfect fit, and some of them are size, sleeve length, waist size, length, amongst others. Finding the ideal fit the first time you don a shirt, pants, blazer, jacket, jeans, etc. is a blessing in disguise. It is essential to get the right fit if you want to look dapper and comfortable.

Here’s a quick guide on how your clothes should fit:

Fitting of your suit

While trying on a suit, ensure that it fits you impeccably. You should pay attention to factors like the size (shouldn’t be too big or too short), sleeve length, shoulder seam, lapel placement, the waist size of your pants, length, and the list goes on. While trying the suit, ensure that nothing looks frumpy.

Fitting of your Blazer

While trying the blazer, if you can do the body movements very quickly, try one size down. Keep on trying this until you find a size that is too small for you and then try-on one size bigger, which could give you a perfect fit. While checking for an ideal fit, see to it that your shoulders are correctly aligned with the shoulder seam. If your blazer is too tight, the lapels will look uneven when you button it. Also, see if your fingertips can touch the hem of the blazer when your hands are straight down. It will ensure that the length is perfect.

Fitting of your dress shirt

While buying a dress shirt, ensure that the shirt doesn’t have any fluttering of fabric. If you are trying a slim fit shirt, ensure that the whole shirt (from sleeves to the body) is slim throughout. Follow the same rule to check the sleeve length and size as that of a blazer.

Fitting of your dress pant

It’s not a compulsion to go for a skinny pant if you are not comfortable wearing it. But also see to it that you don’t opt for a pant that’s too big. To get a perfect fit see to it that your pant fits around your waist perfectly without wearing a belt. Also, try grabbing the fabric near your thighs, if a considerable amount of material comes in your hand, then your pant is too broad. It is advisable to opt for a tapered look with a narrow bottom to get a dapper look.

Fitting of your T-shirt

Do you think that getting a perfect fit for a t-shirt is easy? Don’t be mistaken. On the contrary, finding an ideal fit for a t-shirt is equally challenging. If the length of your t-shirt is too long, it looks shabby, and if it’s too short, there are chances that you can expose the midriff area. For the ideal length of a t-shirt, ensure that the size of the t-shirts hits just below your belt. If the t-shirt fabric is not billowing around, then the width is perfect.

Fitting of your jeans

Jeans are available in various fits, for instance, low rise, mid-rise, and high rise. Besides this, they are also available in different styles – boyfriend jeans, boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans, flared jeans, etc. The most important thing to get perfect fitting jeans is the waist size. Half of your work is done if your jeans fit properly around your waist. If your jeans fit around your waist properly without wearing a belt, consider it an ideal fit.
The fit of your apparel plays an essential role in enhancing your overall look. Besides, it also adds to your comfort. So follow the guide above and never go wrong with the fit of your apparel.

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