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Men Style Guide To Lightweight Layers

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Not all men like to take on the world in a tee and shorts. Some men prefer to flirt with the sweet complications of life with layers. Contrary to old-school fashion ideas, layers aren’t for winter alone. Layers are for summer, spring, and fall too. Of course, you don’t have to wear a blazer when the sun is blazing forth. No. Check out this guide to styling round the year with lightweight layers.

The Perfect Layering Guide For Men

1. Every Layering Piece Can Be Worn On Its Own

Do not layer up with random pieces of clothing. Make sure that every layer is a piece of clothing that you can wear alone. This type of layering is practical in case you feel hot and need to remove a few layers. Focus on the visible clothing while layering.

2. Make Sure That The Outer Hem Is Longer Than The Inner Hem

You do not want the t-shirt to stick out underneath the sweater. Un-tucked shirts poking out of the jacket looks rather tacky, even though the Gen-X seems to have a thing for it. So make sure that the inner layers are tucked in. Or layer the clothes in such a way that the hem of the inner layers is shorter than that of the outer layers.

3. Add A Pop Of Color To The Layers

Don’t mute out the colors completely with gray and ash layers. Don’t blind out the onlookers either with a medley of vivid colors. Add a pop of color. A bright sweater paired with nude gray pants and boots would look great. Or go for a muted suit of layers and add a pop of color with a colorful scarf or muffler. You would look smashing.

4. Scale The Pattern Layers From Light To Strong

You can reverse the scale too, but make sure that there is a grading of the pattern. Do not wear a random medley of designs. Try to add more depth to the layering with the gradation. For example, wear a plaid shirt, put on a jacket or sweater that has minimal visible texture, and finally wear a smooth and solid patterned overcoat to complete the layering. Make sure that the change is gentle and gradual.

5. Understand The Practical Function Of Every Layer

Here are a couple of essential things to keep in mind. The inner layers lie against the skin. So, make sure that they are lightweight and breathable. You can go for either a short or a long-sleeved shirt next. Pick a shirt of light and breathable fabric. Make sure that the shirt is stylish, as it may be partly visible beneath the layers. Select a fancy sports jacket for the middle layer. You can pick a cardigan too, that is loose-fitted and lightweight. The last layer constitutes the overcoat. The outermost layer has to be the most fashionable as it is always visible. So, pick an overcoat with care.

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