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Men’s Activewear Trends for 2021

by DrapeFit
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By DrapeFit

Your new season needs new gear. Here’s what to add to your workout wardrobe.

Fitness is the popular genre for a brand-new year’s resolution, and it’s a great time to kick-start a regular fitness routine. You all know that regular exercise boosts your mood, confidence and improves your ability to do daily activities, but it also requires its own closet of workout pieces. Upgrade your wardrobe with pieces to provide you with comfort while you are engaged in those tedious exercises. Replace your baggy Tees and baggy sweats with the season’s athleisure standouts. Choosing men’s activewear pieces that combine performance and style is more important to nail down your fitness routine. Whether you hit the home gym or strike a yoga pose or head outside for a run, these voguish outfits streamline your look and help you achieve your fitness goals in style.

For Your Workout

Do you sweat more in the hardcore gym workout? Cool! Go with men’s gym clothes made from a breathable tech fabric like polyester or polyester mix for maximum comfort. These quick-dry pieces will wick moisture away from your body and keep you cool in your intense workout session. With the right combination of pieces, you get the support whether you’re going for a full-body circuit or targeting your workout to one area.

Top Gym Trends

Mesh T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a T-shirt to stay cool in your intense workouts, then go with stretchy antimicrobial quick mesh dry pieces. These T-shirts resist odors and make you feel fresh and comfortable throughout the session.

Athletic Shorts

You’ll stretch your legs before and after your workouts. Wearing gym shorts made with flexible fabric will make you feel loose, comfortable and let you move freely. Go with a built-in liner for maximum support.

All-Activity Sneakers

A lightweight and breathable mesh sneaker provides you with comfort and stability, and you’ll appreciate it when things start to heat up.

For Your Cooldown

After a hard cardio session, your body needs to cool down. Yoga can be a workout all on its own providing you strength, balance, and flexibility. If you’re planning a workout session that moves from intense training to stretching, choose an outfit that’s soft, flexible and stretchy enough to perform every pose in style.

Top Yoga Trends

Seamless Tank

If you’re fond of showing off your guns, choose a breathable muscle shirt made from four-way-stretch fabric that fits closely without feeling restrictive. To focus on your yoga flow and to avoid itchy distractions go for seamless tanks.

Compression Shorts

Go for layered compression shorts that blend all the essential features – unrestricted movement, support and coverage you need to do your bridge pose in comfort. Shorts with a drawstring waist lets you customize the fit.

For Your Run

For your outside run, lightweight and technical fabrics are much needed to tackle the colder climates. To get a feel for how your internal temperature changes, it’s necessary to dress 10-20 degrees warmers than the actual temperature. And you are less likely to overheat once your body warms up.

Top Running Trends

Performance Pullover

Go for a stretch-polyester fabric layer that holds your body’s temperature while wicking your sweat away. A zipper and thumbhole cuffs let you regulate your body heat.

Running Tights

The light, stretchy second-skin tights are great to fend off rain and wind – won’t break your stride. The pockets keep your hands free from cards and keys.

Neutral Shoes

The neutral shoes with full-foot cushioning is a perfect place to start.

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