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Men’s Summer Fashion 2022: Key Trends to Make a Splash

by DrapeFit
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By DrapeFit

Men have become curious about fashion trends and about carrying the latest looks. Come season change and they want to change their complete wardrobe. Well, transitioning into the latest styles of the season is now easier than ever.
The winter train has left the station. It is time for you to hop on to the summer train. Bid adieu to the boots, warmers, and scarves for it is time for you to feel light and breezy again.
2022 has again brought some new trends and reinstated some old trends in new avatars. So, what exactly is in the bag this season, you ask? Ask an Online Wardrobe Stylist or find out by reading this article.

Stripes and Faded Colors

Hero Pieces Stylish men Wear

This summer, take a stroll through the beaches in the sunny and beachy aesthetic. Imagine vibrant hues washed out from the sun’s exposure. That is the aesthetic this summer is going for. Add polo t-shirts and pairs of shorts in stripes, checks, or plaids and you are all set to say hello to the sun.

Structured Work Wear

Color Palette

Have you accepted the work from the office set up or are you still lounging around in those comfortable and snug sweatpants? Well, this summer has a pleasant surprise for you. The leisure clothes are not going anywhere. In fact, they have upgraded themselves into ‘work leisure’ and you can wear them to the office.
Try trousers or joggers (not the sweat ones) in comfortable and breathable fabrics such as linen and style them with shirts in ditsy prints. Pair them with the good old sneakers or oxfords and you are off to work dressed like a breeze.

Summertime Outings

Large Floral Prints

How about an early morning hike to meet the rising summer sun? Or an overnight camping trip by the mountains? Such trips call for special clothing and gear that are comfortable as well as functional. And an added bonus if those pieces are also stylish.
Style breathable and dry-fit shorts. And if you want to keep your legs covered, cargo trousers with functional pockets are your best bet. You can also avoid carrying bigger backpacks with cargo pants. For t-shirts. You can go with the best moisture-wicking and anti-micro-bacterial fabrics that will ensure that you come back with memories and not germs.

Color-blocked Vacations

Designer Polka piece

Styling yourself for a nice, laid-back summer vacation has never been so easy. 2022’s summer has come with a new version of color-blocked outfits. Color-blocked t-shirts are long gone. Cut to color-blocked pants and shorts that can elevate any look in a few seconds. Style a pair of color-blocked shorts with a plain, neutral-colored t-shirt in the lightest and most breathable fabrics and you are ready to throw shades on the sun.
Do not forget your sunblock.

Celebrate in Style

Dare Fashion Accessories
Invited to a summertime pool party or hosting a celebratory dinner yourself? Summer parties always call for a distinct theme, décor, and food, and so does your outfit. Who thought two pairs of good shorts are so multiutility, you can practically spend all your summer in them!
A plain, structured, and mute-colored pair of shorts and printed shirts are the way to go for a celebratory dinner party. And not to forget the shoes to suit the occasion- a pair of loafers will look the best.
If it’s a pool party, a graphic t-shirt, a pair of light sliders, and shades are your go-to.
Dare Fashion Clothing and Accessories

Summertime can be a handful with the scorching sun and sweating pits. But, having the right outfit will help you not be a couch potato this summer and step out in the perfect business attire or casual mens outfits. Now that you have one less thing to worry about with your clothing and styling woes sorted, why not try something new this summer.

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