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Pack for Business Trips like a Pro

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Dressing up in a presentable and professional manner is essential for any job. You might have to pack for events that require different looks. The trick to packing for business trips is to pick items you can pair with multiple outfits. Here are some of our hacks to help you pack like a pro!

Create the perfect business ensemble and save time by wearing parts of your suit and not the whole thing during travel. Wear your suit pants, shirt and dress shoes for the flight. Pack your suit jacket with a dry cleaning bag /garment bag to keep it wrinkle-free and pack it on top to grab it quickly when you arrive. Save your ties and pocket squares for the end and wear it on your way to work! Make sure you pick apparel that doesn’t wrinkle easily, like wool or wool-blends. To accessorize, choose a sophisticated weekender and make an excellent impression.

Client lunches are a bit more relaxed than presentations, so opt for ‘smart casual’ attire. Dark denim and boat shoes can give you a clean, timeless look.

If you’re feeling bold, a crisp, white dress shirt paired with a well-fitted sport coat makes all the difference. Instead of solids, go for a subtle pattern. If you need to relax and change into something more comfortable for the trip, swap the button-down for a cotton tee.

Now that work is done, and it’s time to celebrate! Make small changes in your business look to be party-ready. Navy leather is incredibly underappreciated, and you can up your game with a matching belt-and-shoe set. While you might go for a traditional shirt and sport coat look for business hours, happy hour is a different ball game. A short-sleeve henley and a moto jacket can add a certain cool factor to the look, but be mindful of your colors. Complete your look by using warmer tones like brown. A black jacket may not vibe with navy accessories.


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