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Polo Shirt Styles and the Casual Side of Dressing up

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Men in a Yellow Polo T-shirt

This exemplary closet piece has developed a lot. The polo may be the ideal Summer T-Shirts for an occasion now. They are as agreeable as your preferred tee, yet the collar outlines the face pleasantly. It adds up a cool convention to an easy-going thing. A genuine resident of the world, the polo shirt combines well with a jacket and pants for an appropriate summer excursion.

The Origin of the Polo

As indicated by the legend, the great Oxford fabric button-down was the first uniform for polo, the high society and the game of rulers. It soared to unmistakable quality when a smooth-faced French tennis player named René Lacoste wore it for his matches.

1. Casual Polo Shirts

Casual Polo Tshirt

By the 1950s, the United States post-war world-class made the shirt de rigueur for its nation club life, discovering its simplicity as obliging for the tennis and golf court. Our short-sleeved legend has now turned into the easy-going workplace informal uniform. Polo shirts today have taken on a general intrigue, spreading over-energetic appeal just as extravagance in luxury assortment.

  • Step by step instructions to wear them: Pair a simple pattern with a jacket and stretch denim for that corporate video call.

2. Branded Polo Shirts

Blue and Green Polo Tshirt

Logos and polo shirts go together like ice and tea. You can pick your symbol from the previously mentioned croc to mammoth rabbits to whales to something else or have no logo or a usual one by any stretch of the imagination. A few Summner T-shirts include logos or brand names as allover rehashes, while others are set on the body of the shirt. Thinning vertical stripes are likewise an athletic search for polo’s while differentiating collars and sleeves offer a touch of qualification.

3. Pocketed Polo Shirts

Pocketed Polo Tshirt Look

The exemplary pocketed or non-pocketed question hits the mind every time. Some men feel that such a piece enhances their clean look, while others believe it’s an extraordinary plan proclamation. They are likewise remarkable for reserving hitting the fairway scorecards and a short pencil.

  • The most effective method to wear: Wear it with some trendy golf pants and a ball cap.

4. Johnny Collar Polo Shirts

Johnny Collar Polo Tshirt

This neck area takes out the buttons, opening up increasingly like a V-neck and permitting the collar to spread extensively. Long-sleeved variants can feel nearly as formal as a dress or game shirt. Both 1950s retro looks and clean-cut current styles may trade those buttons for a smooth zipper.

Men playing Golf

A Note on Fabric

The exemplary cotton not just looks incredible; it also has cooling execution qualities. Slub weaves offer a progressively easy-going interpretation of art, while excessively delicate and smooth Pima or mercerized cotton has a sort of shiny class.

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