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7 ways to boost your spirit without leaving the house

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It is quite natural to have a few days when you don’t feel like being your usual self. Those days when you are rolling out of bed on the wrong side and everything seems haywire- your mood, your patience, your temperament, and literally everything else which helps you function normally. You carry a grumpy attitude, your fuse is short and you only pray for that day to end.

Would it make you feel less bad if you knew that many people, rather almost everyone around the world, were in the same kind of funk, for days on end ? That they prayed for this situation to end soon so that they would stop singing the blues ?

Or would it make you feel more pathetic ?

Whatever it does to you, you must accept the fact that the times are unnaturally harsh for each one of us. With the shadow of the pandemic looming large on each of our lives, it is inevitable that we are feeling hopeless and in utter despair. We might have already allowed a lot of adjustments in our lives. We might have already developed a number of coping mechanisms too.

Still there are more things we can do. You too can.

You can definitely do a number of things which not only lift up your spirits but also help you and your family as well as your close ones feel better. Without much ado, we will provide you a few tips that will help you deal with this difficult situation while staying within the confines of your home.

Declutter and restructure your wardrobe

Decluttering and reshuffling your wardrobe will have a number of therapeutic advantages. It has a significantly positive effect on your mental health. Take out the heap of clothes and pile of accessories in your closet and organise them neatly in shelves, hangers, drawers and bins.

A successful closet purge will start with a closet clean-out. After taking out your garments and accessories, make three separate piles according to the ones you want to keep, the ones you could give a try at keeping, and those which are out of fit, and worn-out without usage. Donate the third category of clothes and accessories. You could organise your wardrobe according to color as well as functionality.

Resort to online restorative practices like yoga and exercise 

With all the problems that this period brings, you should not forget to thank it for the vast reserve of time it has granted to you. All in all, this is a time to create a new schedule for yourself. Do not overburden yourself, but be ready to pack it with activities you feel are necessary for your self-improvement. Start taking online classes for yoga and meditation to practise mindfulness. Find suitable exercise classes at no-membership sites like Nike Training Club and the like to train your body. Do not let the lockdown meddle with your fitness goals.

Bond virtually with friends

With the lockdown limiting our social interactions, our mental health has taken a dive. But this does not necessarily mean we should sulk by ourselves. Schedule virtual fun with your friends, family and loved ones. Coordinate game plans or schedule a long-distance movie date over Netflix. You simply need to download and subscribe the app and you’re ready to binge watch your favorite series with your friends ! Engage in activities like cooking and reading sessions and have fun over digital chat rooms like FaceTime or Skype. Undoubtedly, you will feel a lot better !

Take up classes at Ivy League Universities

This period of indefinite seclusion could result in a wonderful opportunity. You can broaden the horizons of your knowledge by taking up classes on practically anything that intrigues you. More than 8 Ivy League Universities offer a range of subjects through over 450 online courses. Make the most of it !

Enjoy musicals and operas from the comfort of your home

What more fun can you have than allowing the orchestra to come to your private space ? Now it is possible for you to enjoy the thrills of a broadway blockbuster through Broadway HD. You can also immerse your senses and listen to mind-numbing performances by some of the best musicians and conductors of this age at digital concert halls.

 Take a virtual tour of a museum

Staying  Home is not exactly boring if it can offer you a tour in the Van Gogh Museum or the Louvre, right ? Well, it seems that you are in luck. The Google Arts and Culture app has partnered with more than 2000 museums from over 80 countries to offer you a virtual tour of those places where you have always imagined to go. This is the chance to enthrall your senses !

Connect with your inner self by starting a gratitude journal

The lockdown has provided you with the ideal opportunity to sort out the mess in your daily life and reignite the bond with your own self.. Take some time out each day and start thanking life and the Supreme one for all the smallest and the subtle things in life. This will allow you to move over self-depreciation and not sulk during these difficult times. Involving your time in starting a gratitude journal will have numerous healing and restorative effects on your physical and mental health and allow you to connect with your friends, partner, and family in a deeper way. Smile more often. Assure them that you have not lost your warmth.

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