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Petite Figure – Dress to Flatter Your Frame

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Attires are the way people perceive you!

Dresses form a crucial part in revealing your confidence. A wrong dress can ruin your impression. Petite figure women often find it challenging to find the right attire.

Most of the dresses are either too short or too long. Here are handy tips on ‘How to dress a petite figure?’.

Know your body shape

Body shape can be an apple, inverted glass, Hourglass, rectangle, or pear. A dress or pants or Tops which look good on one way might not look good on another. So, decide your body shape before slipping into any attire.

Open room for alterations

Make friendship with a tailor!


You fall under a 5″ height category. Your stature is skinny and regular sleeves and straps do not work for you. There are numerous dresses which you may like, but they are not available in your size.

A tailor can help you get the best fit for all your attires.


Try to grab outfits that give you length. Do not choose oversized clothes, but a little extra range can make you look slender.

 Tops for Petite Women

Off-shoulder tops open up the space between the neck and shoulders. It gives an elongating effect.

Three-quarter sleeves make your arms look a little stretched and slender.

Lighter shades make you look cute. So try bright shades to look cool.

Bottoms for Petite women

Wearing fit jeans with boots or sandals can enhance your look. Pointed shoes might also enhance the look.

These with the tank top or a crop top can make you look smart.

Wearing high waist jeans enhances your length. These can help you fake a heightened look.



A short skirt with prints paired with a crop top can give you a stunning look.

A pleated midi dress will not make you look immersed. The pleated and vibrant color makes you look more attractive.

The side cuts keep you away from drowning entirely into the fabric. The side cuts reveal a little of your legs. It gives a heightened and sexy look.

Accessories to complement the look 

A very heavy necklace or earrings can make you look overdressed. Pair your clothing with a little dangling earpiece or light neckpiece.

Stilettos, block heels, and pumps are an essential part of your dressing. Choose pointed footwear to make your toes look longer.

Anyone can make a highlight with a piece of statement jewelry. It adds a personal touch to your overall look.

Swimwear for Petite Women 

A short torso looks good with this kind of bottom wear. It lengthens the frame.

It can help your chest look fuller. If you are skinny, then this top is perfect to look sexy on the beach.

Bold Triangle tops

The tie-back bold triangle top can enhance your bust.

The perfect dressing makes you look confident. It also represents your sense of self-worth.

No matter, if you are petite or short. Fashion belongs to everyone, irrespective of shape and size.

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