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Quick Tips for Layering

by DrapeFit
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By DrapeFit

Outfit-building advice you can use now and next season.

Voila! Springtime is near – never mind the freezing rain one second and blazing sun the next. Though spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party, it also makes your daily what-to-wear decision slightly more challenging. However, the layering trend is still going strong, and this in-between season is the right time to master the art of layering.

Ah, the art of layering – functional and fashionable. Layering offers you to dress for any weather, and you’re always ready for whatever comes on the way. You can fabulously style your own way to create a brand-new look around pieces that are already in your wardrobe for any season. You just need to know only one thing – how to pile on the pieces without taking the style statement from stylish to sloppy. Cool! Here are the four tips from our expert stylist that are the right place to start. You can follow individually or in combination to flaunt the fashion statement to keep you in comfort and look trendy to the upcoming spring.

A Perfect Mix

In this season, layering is all about cozy contrasts and hues. For a perfect dimension, a right mix of materials is a must. To look voguish, go with a light and airy dress under an oversize sweater. The rubber rain boots and a silk scarf enhance the textural impact and complement each other. To take it to the next level, you can play with different patterns too. With the perfect mix of prints, anyone can streamline the style. Are you wondering where to start? Stay warm! Our expert stylist can help you.

Master the Proportion

Are you bulk and much worried about it? Looking shorter in your party events? Balancing your outfit is key to avoiding it, and you have two ways to play it. Master your look with a slim-fitting underlayer with something soft and oversized, or you can choose the other path as we suggested here. A long and billowy blouse lays a perfect foundation, and the cropped sweater pulls it in at the waistline to create the right shape. Elongate the whole look with high-rise jeans and loafers to look gorgeous.

Color is key

You have plenty of options when it comes to layering color. It is best achieved when you keep your style to one or two color families. Build your outfit around a complementary color pairing like black and tan or go with one item that pops and keep the rest minimal. The hoodies and blazer complement each other for a polished-cool effect – bringing some spring to the end of the winter. Go with red or burgundy if you’re feeling confused.

Own the Monotone

On the other end of the spectrum, choosing one hue and keeping everything consistent makes a powerful style statement. Go with a cropped sweatshirt and elegant neutral long knit skirt with each piece a shade lighter or darker for extra impact. Complete your look with a classic trench.
Mastering the art of layering takes time and practice. Here are our expert stylists to fulfil your thirst.

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