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The Guide: Dressing for Your Body Shape

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Unaware of what your body shape will look like in different clothes? Why not read and learn more about the kind of clothing that will make you look like a million-dollar.

What do you do when you have found your signature look, your one go-to look that you can never go wrong with? You grab on to it till eternity like the forever life partner! Fashion keeps changing overnight and it’s not always necessary (or practical) to adopt them in day-to-day lives. But some things remain classic. So, when you have found your “classic”, you will not need to rely on fashion updates to dress like a diva! Though, you can rely on Women’s Fashion Boxes USA.
If you are not aware of Body shapes and types, this article is for you. By the end of this, you will also know which body type you have and the best outfits that will flatter your body.

Curvy or the Hourglass Shaped Body Type

Hourglass-shaped Body Type

You could have an hourglass-shaped body type if you can relate to the following:

  • You consider yourself curvy
  • Your waist and bust measurement numbers are close to each other
  • You have a cinched midriff in comparison to others
  • You have a fuller waist, thighs, and bust

You can rock the following clothing pieces better than anyone else:

  • Make best friends with wrap tops and peplum tops
  • T-shirts and tops in stretchable fabrics will help you accentuate your body type
  • Dresses with boat neck, V-neck, or round neck with space for the bust

Rectangle Shaped Body Type

Rectangle Shaped Body Type

You can consider your body to be athletic shaped or straight or rectangle body type if you can relate to the following:

  • Your bust and hips measure nearly the same
  • You do not particularly consider yourself curvy or heavy
  • Your weight is not accumulated in one area of your body but distributed within your body

You can flatter your body shape with the following pieces and kinds of attire:

  • Style racerback and halter necklines
  • Strapless tops and tube tops will look amazing on you
  • You can carry a round neckline and a scoop neckline with ease. Try styling tops and dresses with those necklines
  • And for trousers, any pants in a structured style will accentuate your body to look the best

Triangle Shaped or Pear-Shaped Body Type

Triangle Shaped

The common features of this body type could be:

  • Waist wider in proportion to the rest of the body
  • The lower body is wider than the upper body
  • Heavier hips as compared to the shoulders

The styles that flatter this Body type include:

  • Embellished necklines
  • V neck tops and t-shirts
  • Dramatic prints in tops and dresses
  • Super skinny fit denim pants
  • A-line skirts and dresses

Apple-shaped Body Type

Apple-shaped Body Type

If you’re curvy with a less defined waist, you’re likely an apple shape (also known as a circle or round body type).

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted Triangle Body Type

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you’re likely an inverted triangle.

Have you been feeling the following about your body? If yes, then you might have an inverted triangle or apple body shape:

  • Your curves are well-distributed across your body
  • Your body seems fairly well-proportioned
  • Your shoulders seem broader than your waist
  • Your waistline is not well-defined

To dress exceptionally with this body type, you can follow the below tips and make heads turn:

  • Select flowy and unstructured silhouettes
  • Go for oversized t-shirts and boyfriend shirts
  • Try V neckline in tops and dresses
  • A-line patterns will also define your body shape and help you look your best

Women Body Shape Dresses

Each body is different & unique and each body is beautiful. That is the best part about fashion that it has something that will flatter every body type and every body shape. So, once you have figured out your body shape, choose from the innumerable options online or take assistance from an Online Wardrobe Stylist for the best outfits and looks.

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