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The Ultimate Guide on Mixing Prints and Patterns

by DrapeFit
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Mix Printsand Patterns Outfit

By DrapeFit

The thumb rule of fashion isn’t which outfits to wear, the rule is to pair the right outfits together and encapsulate a theme with your look. This article will help you mix the right patterns and prints and add a tinge of drama to your everyday attire.
If you are a fashionista and you like to jump on the newest fashion trends, you must have faced a dilemma while trying to mix different patterns, prints, and styles. This is nothing new. Whether you are looking to experiment yourself out of plains and bolds or you are looking to create a sense of drama with your look, knowing what prints and patterns go well together will take you places. New to this fashion game? Ask a Personal Stylist in USA.

Pick a Hero Piece to Define Your Look

Hero Pieces Stylish Women Wear

When planning to mix and match prints, designs, and patterns, it is always safe to start with the one hero piece that will define your outfit. This piece will be the primary attraction in your look. For instance, it could be bright stripes, floral prints, or even plaid. This piece should occupy the most space in your outfit.
The other pieces should be chosen carefully to add to the overall look and accentuate the anchor piece even further.

Color Palette to the Rescue

Color Palette

Since we are talking about prints and patterns, it is very easy to ignore the other elements that make or break a look. One such part that could, but should not, be overlooked is the color palette. The color palette can be driven by again, your anchor piece. You can either add the complementary pieces from the same color palette or choose a vibrant, contrasting color that goes well with the hero piece’s color.
PS. If you are just starting to mix, match, and play with prints and patterns, you can not go wrong with neutral shades. When mixed with prints, neutral colors can totally divulge a whole new avatar of you.

Stripes and Florals

Large Floral Prints

Looking to start with the basics and move your way up? Why not try the classic but the most liked idea? The stripes and the florals! Both the prints are fun and quirky in their own way but when combined, they take your look to a whole new level of charm and eccentric. Try slim stripes with bold, large floral prints. And go with bold stripes when styling with petite florals.

Polka Your Way into the Boho-Chic Look

Designer Polka piece

If you want to make your look as dramatic as this tagline, don’t be afraid to mix the two most unconventional pieces together. Take a polka piece and throw it over any of the boho patterns such as tie & dye, ikat, paisley, vintage florals, and even watercolors. Choose the right silhouette and make heads turn with this avant-garde look.

Dare to Accessorize

Dare Fashion Accessories

With prints and patterns mixed together, one might feel the addition of accessories is going a little too overboard. But where’s the fun in styling if not accessorizing and dramatizing the look! The delight of pairing prints and patterns doesn’t end here. Add a layer in the form of a jacket or a blazer in unusual patterns. Do not be afraid in adding statement pieces of necklace, rings, or earrings to your print and pattern look.
Dare Fashion Clothing and Accessories

While most people like to keep their fashion game simple and to the point, there are those in the fashion tribe that like to add a bit of a dramatic element to everything they do. For those of you, Women’s Fashion Boxes USA is the answer. Whether it’s stripes, florals, animal prints, or boho, with the right combination, you can take the wheel to the fashion town!

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