Tell us about your style, size, and price range. Let our expert stylist do everything for you to discover petite clothes that perfectly Fit your frame. We at Drape Fit are experts at hand-picking stylish petite clothing in USA that adds beauty to your lifestyle. Your dedicated Drape Fit stylist will precisely choose the best fabric and petite style for you. Proudly wear the petite womens clothing USA in your constraint budget with Drape Fit.


1. Fill out the Quiz

Share your details like your size, shape, color preference, and more with our Stylist to receive the ideal petite clothing.

2. Get a FIT Box

As per your personalized details, receive your FIT Box meeting your style preference.

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Keep the best with you from your personalized FIT Box and return the rest to us with our free return shipping policy.

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Return the things you don’t like with our easy return policy, including free shipping.


Get hand-picked pieces at the price ranges you set in your style profile. We at Drape Fit carry endless petite clothes styles designed with shorter sleeves, narrower shoulders, and petite plus sizes to provide you the complete look.

Why you'll love DRAPE FIT

We're experts at handpicking voguish petite clothes for your lifestyle.

Petite clothing fit

We carry endless petite clothing in the USA designed with narrower shoulders, shorter sleeves and apt hemlines in sizes from XS and 0, and petite plus sizes. Buy

Our price your wallet fall in love

Get a hand-chosen piece at prices you set. Your $20 Drape Fit styling fee covers your expert stylist time and expertise when styling begins that gets credited toward anything you decide to buy or keep.

Shop curated pieces online

After purchasing petite women's clothing USA, we'll curate shoppable outfits built around them. With no styling and shipping fee, you can buy pieces outside of your FIT box.

Petite Women’s Clothing

The style for the Women Petite Fit

  • Drape FIT offers you the best and unique among the variety of styles and trends available in Petite sizes from XS and 0, as well as petite plus sizes.
  • We carry Women’s size See our full women's sizes »
  • Your fashion stylist will choose an ideal Outfit. In accordance with your shared taste and preference size meeting your petite sizes.
  • Your Drape FIT stylist knew precisely the best fabric and petite style for you. Thus, they will select the best petite designs with narrower shoulders and shorter sleeves. So that to provide you the complete look.
  • You can additionally receive the petite styling tips from the personal stylist to get the new makeover.
  • Proclaim your petite style with the matching and perfect accessories that are handpicked by your stylist. So that to embellish your unique designed Outfit.
  • Wear the petite designs in your constraint budget with the Drape FIT.
  • Receive the Petite style as per your convenience, either monthly or quarterly.

Brands are Ready for you

We are working with many brands.According to your selection we will ship a complete FIT Box that will FIT under your budget.