Extra Fits

What is the Extra Fits concept in Drape Fit?

Once you finish your style quiz and hand picked items with the help of your stylists, Drape Fit offers Extras the (carefully chosen products) to add along with other delivery items. We have a wide range of variety for basic essential garments. The perfect shopping site is best for you and your loved ones.

Who all can order Extras?

Extras are made available both for men and women. For women’s section, the sizes vary as per the requirement, and it also includes plus sizes and maternity friendly products. Men section also includes all the prescribed range of sizes include Big and Tall. For kids, do inform the Stylist what all you are looking to include in the FIT Box.

How do Extras work?

Once you select all your hand-picked items, our dedicated team will ensure to send everything along with the personalized FIT Box.

How to order and purchase Extra?
  • When you fix the date of the FIT Box delivery, a link View Extras is visible on the homepage.
  • The option disappears once the Stylists start working on your order.
  • You can add the selected items according to your size and color for your next shipment.
  • The Extra picked products by you will be delivered with your personalized FIT Box.
  • If required, you can add or remove the Extras at any given time before your stylist starts working on your ordered FIT Box
  • Shipping and returns are free without charges.
  • Within five days, return the items you don't want to keep using the prepaid envelope included in the FIT Box.
  • To pay for Extras, you need to keep, check out your Drape Fit account once you receive the FIT Box.
  • You will be charged $20 for your stylist-picked items, including Extras, delivered to your door.
  • Your purchase doesn't include Buy All discounts for Extras. If you are planning to keep all your FIT Box items, the discount will be reflected on only those items. It will not be extended for Extras selected products.