Price Range Of Our Clothing

We assure you that our FIT Box is very pocket-friendly, containing hand-selected personalized items like accessories, jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc.

Our customers can see multiple price ranges from low to high, depending on their budget. If required, the customers can provide the price range, style, and size, and our expert Stylists will guide you further to finish your shopping requirements. Once you finish with your style profile, inform us without hesitation whether the price is pinching your wallet. The Personal Stylist will send the FIT Box as per your specified price range . We are exhilarated to inform you that our customers can Save 25% when you buy all the items in the FIT Box. If you don't make any purchase from your FIT Box, we will charge $20 as a styling fees . Unused styling credits are non-refundable and expire after 30days. Do rush, and don't miss the golden personalized opportunity.