What is Drape Fit & How its work

What is Drape Fit?

Drape Fit is a Personal Styling service. It helps in personalizing the style of people as per their age, size , needs and budget for perfect fashion and style in daily life. The Drape Fit has a team of leading Personal Stylists who will handpick the best-personalized fashion style as per the need, preference, and taste of their clients.

Drape Fit is a leading online styling platform that offers Personal Shopper or Personalized styling Service to the men's, women's, and kids. Thus, you can take the quiz at the Drape Fit to get the best-personalized FIT Box at your doorstep. The professional Stylist curates the box in accordance with your taste and preference.

At Drape Fit , we commend your styling sense. We accept what you wear is a statement of who you are. Thus, we bring to you, modern styling experience that consolidates the advantage of customized counsel with the simple accessibility of e-commerce.

It is an ideal approach for busy professionals searching for a closet makeover or also looking for some stylish inspiration to wear for a special family occasion or an important business meeting.

How does it work?

The approach of Drape Fit styling works as follows:

  • Start by taking an online quiz at the Drape Fit website.
  • The quiz helps the Drape Fit stylists to understand your age,need, size, preference, taste, and price range or budget.
  • Thus, in accordance with the quiz, the Drape Fit assigns the personal Stylist for you to curate a box of ideally perfect outfit for you as per your needs.
  • Pick up the date or your convenient time slot as per your need to receive the FIT Box at your doorstep at your convenient time. Thus, the shipping is free both ways. Either you accept the FIT Box or return it.
  • Try everything you receive in your box as all the items available in your FIT Box are specially selected for your size and shape. Thus, you should try everything in the box.
  • After the trial, you can keep the best for you and return the rest of the items to us.
  • The Drape Fit offers the easy return policy, which includes free shipping return within five days of receiving your FIT Box.
  • In the end, share your experience with us by leaving your valuable feedback for us. You can opt for the monthly/quarterly subscription with the Drape Fit to get the best deals on pricing for the same. Further, it will help you to try the latest fashion, which is uniquely designed as per your taste and preference (customized one).
What is the cost structure of buying a customized professional styled FIT Box?
  • We at Drape Fit offers each of the FIT Box (for men, women, and kids) with a $20 styling fee. And further, you will only be billed for all the things you keep with free shipping.
  • As we already discussed, that FIT Box also comes with a prepaid return envelope for making a smooth return of the items you don't want from the FIT Box.
  • All the items you keep will be charged in accordance with the budget preference you mentioned in the quiz form.
  • You can subscribe to a monthly or quarterly FIT Box where you are allowed to skip or cancel the subscription anytime.
What types of items can I expect in my FIT Box?

Since the taste and preference of customers keep on changing with time. Therefore, we convey a wide scope of things. We're developing and advancing rapidly, and you can hope to see us include an ever-increasing number of new designs, brands, and categories. We at Drape Fit offers items as:

  • Shirts,
  • Hoodies,
  • Jumpsuits,
  • Overalls,
  • Sweater dresses,
  • Sweaters,
  • Pants,
  • Skirts,
  • Shorts,
  • Dresses,
  • Jackets, scarves,
  • Jewelry,
  • Shoes,
  • HandBags.
What brands can I expect in the FIT Box?

We work with many reputable clothing brands, which are simply best in class names and brands. For example, you may find the outfit and accessories by Calvein Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren , Kate Spade,Nike, ZARA, GAP, Adidas , Guess , Hollister ,Under Armour,Old Navy , Pacsun,Lee, Original Penguin, BOSS HUGO, Abercrombie and Fitch, Van Heusen, Nautica, U.S. Polo Assn, American Eagle Outfitters , Levi's, and many more new brands . Further, our Stylist will keep on changing the brands for you so to provide a new makeover to you all the time. It will help you to bring diversity and freshness in your closet.

What ages can you style?

Every shipment is redone to accommodate your inclinations and requirements. We convey a wide scope of stock that enables us to pick pieces that will be ideal for your style irrespective of your age.

Further, as per the rules, you must be 18 years and above to place your order for a FIT Box. Also, we offer a range of FIT Box for men's, women's, and kids from the age of a newborn to elder.

What are the sizes of Drape Fit styles?
  • We currently carry women's sizes 0-12, XS-XL, and waist size 24-32. We also offer maternity or plus size at this time too.
  • For men's sizes, we have S, M, L, XL, XXL, and waist size 30-34.
  • And for kids, we have newborn - 4T and Boy & Girl 5-14.
Where do you ship?

We presently ship to each of the 50 U.S. states and all U.S.